Granny Smith Apple

How do you know when a green apple is ripe??


Choose apples that are bright green in color and may have a red blush around the top. Make sure the skin is firm, smooth, blemish free and the stem is intact.

4 Easy Ways to Test If Your Green Apple Is Ripe

  1. Check how easy it is to pick the apple; give it an upward twist, and if it separates easily, it is ready. You will never have to cut a ripe apple from the tree.
  2. Check the seed color; the seeds in an apple will generally turn brown, and then the apple is ripe.
  3. Do a taste test. Try an apple—if it is sweet and juicy, it is ripe, but if it tastes starchy, then you probably need to wait a little longer.
  4. Look for fallen apples. If some apples have fallen off (not rotten or bad ones), it is a good sign that the apples are ripe.


Granny Smith apples should always be washed under cool running water before cutting or eating. Apples can be eaten fresh, microwaved, boiled into applesauce, roasted, and even grilled.

It has a long storage life.

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