Corn can be healthy even if it gets a bad rap.


Choose ears with green husks, fresh silks and tight rows of kernels.

Harvesting in the Milk Stage

Harvest about 18-20 days after the female silk appears. The ear will be green and feel full and firm when you wrap your hand around them. The silks will have a dried-out brown color.  To be sure, open an ear and stick your fingernail inside a kernel.  It should be milky sap, not clear.  If they are ready, grip with your hand and gently twist or bend the downward till they break away from the stalk.

Dry Harvesting

For popcorn, flour, and dent varieties, wait till the kernels are completely dry before harvesting.


Refrigerate corn with husks on, wrapped with wet paper towels to keep it moist, for use as soon as possible or within 1-2 days. The longer they sit after harvest, the sugars gradually turn to starch, making them less sweet and more tough.


Low fat; saturated fat free; sodium free; cholesterol free; good source of vitamin C.

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