Black Crowberry

The crowberry has a long picking season.


The crowberry has a long picking season. It can be harvested from the end of July until the first snow. The best picking time is in early August. As the berry overwinters, it can be picked in spring as well. The most significant crops of crowberries are found in northern Finland, Ostrobothnia, and North Karelia. The crowberry blooms and successfully produce berries in sunlit, sparsely wooded, or open barren and Xeric heath forests.

Choose firm, plump, dry crowberries that are dusty blue to black in color and uniform in size.


Refrigerate crowberries for 10 to 14 days in the original container.


They make delicious juice by themselves and can be used to make jam, jelly, or marmalade. Can be used in back goods or milkshakes.

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